Was it Worth It?: The “We Are the World” Flotilla Video

Not too long ago, yours Jewly made a post commenting on the lack of common-sense-of-humor among Israelis when it comes to public relations. And, courtesy of Jewdar’s Israelations comes more proof of how smart we are — a parody of “We Are the World.”
Aside from the fact that it’s about 25 years too late (and, mixing images, has a Captain Steubing reference as well), it’s unsubtle, unfunny and like a bad SNL skit (okay, like most SNL skits), goes on way too long.. Now, readers know that Jewdar loves us some Israel, but if all the sacrifice of the last hundred years to build and maintain the Jewish state means that this is all we have to show for it, maybe the anti-Zionists have a point.

What do you think?

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