Wanted: Super-Sexy Soldier Sperm

Of all the things Israeli soldiers are shooting these days, it’s not their bullets that interest the patrons of the Rambam Medical Center — it’s their sperm.

According to officials at the Haifa-based hospital, there’s been an acute upswing in women requesting the semen of IDF combat soldiers for artificial insemination. It’s an increase they attribute to the ongoing military action between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

Dina Aminpour, head of the Center’s sperm donation clinic spoke to YNet, saying:

“It seems that the (Gaza) military operation and the stories the Israeli public was exposed to recently (about the IDF) have helped clarify some things for those requesting donations. […] A man who serves in the army in a combat role is usually assumed to have impressive constitution which confirm the genetic aspirations of the women. They believe he will be fit, healthy, and have several other important attributes”

Since the start of Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge,” the Rambam Medical Center has reported that nearly half of their monthly sperm bank regulars have indicated a preference for spunk forged in the heat of battle.

You know – like these guys:

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