WANTED: Hella Hillel Snitches

As the Jewish world grapples with its own inability to agree on a single goddamned thing, one campus group thinks it has the key to combating what it sees as pervasive anti-Israel biases creeping into Hillel buildings across the country: Snitching.


The Jewish Press, describing a new student-lead “Safe Hillel” initiative reports:

Safe Hillel will not only have a website and a Facebook page but it will also have an anonymous tipline which will be set up so that students can report incidents that make them uncomfortable at their own campus Hillels […] The information from the tipline would be provided to Hillel professionals, and the professionals would decide whether action needs to be taken or not, and if so, what kind.

Evidently the best way for college students to deal with anything that makes them uncomfortable is to tell an adult. And here I thought college was for people to get away from their families and figure things out for themselves. By encouraging a “let the grown-ups deal with it” attitude, the collegiate process of self-sufficiency is effectively neutralized in the name creating a safe space – one comprised entirely of monopolitical snitches.

“Safe” Hillel? In the short run, sure, sorta, I guess. (Safe from what, though, I couldn’t say. Differing opinions? The horror!)  But, “healthy”?


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