Throwback Thursday: That Time We Got Sushi And Sang Karaoke With Gilbert Gottfried

It’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of Gilbert Gottfried over here at Heeb. Whether he’s reveling in Hollywood nostalgia on his critically acclaimed podcast, or enraging octogenarian borscht-belt’ers, he remains one of the fiercest, most uncompromisingly funny voices in comedy today.

In 2011, after spending years working to nail down the opportunity to talk with Gilbert, we finally managed to coax him out for a night on the town with us. Recently out of a job (something about a duck and a tsunami?) and pounding the pavement to promote his book “Rubber Balls and Liquor,” Gilbert joined our Jonathan Poritsky for an evening of Japanese food and karaoke, during which he explained his theory of Jewish porn, sang some Journey, and threatened to launch his own transgressive Jewish publication.

Suffice it to say, it was a great evening. Take a look:

[This video was originally published Apr. 21, 2011, and was made with the help of Jon Stuyvesant of Milk Products Media and Brian Abrams]

What do you think?

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