This Orthodox West Bank Settler Teen Is The Muay Thai Kickboxing World Champion

Meet eighteen year old Sara Abraham – the recently named Muay Thai kickboxing world champion. In addition to taking top honors in the 132-138 lbs weight class of the 16-19 age division, Abraham can also lay claim to one of  the most peculiar adjective strings in the entire sporting world; She is an Indian, Orthodox-Jewish, Israeli Settler.

Born in India, Sara and her family converted to to Judaism in 2005. They moved to Israel following the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, in which the rabbi who performed the family’s conversion was killed. Currently living in the West Bank community of Kiryat Arba (just outside of Hebron), Sara attends an all-girls religious school, and in her spare time, makes a habit of kicking people directly in the face.

Here’s a profile of Sara and her career in professional ass-kicking:


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  1. Jannah Fernando

    Great! This girl is really good in the sports she choose. I am glad to hear that their are girls like her that are good in kick boxing. -


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