The Trailer For Marc Maron’s New Show Features Every Comic Ever

As I’ve written before, I’m incredibly pumped for Marc Maron’s upcoming single-camera comedy on IFC. But, in fairness, I’m a little nervous, too; Maron’s brand of lacerating humor isn’t for everyone, and his reputation for self-sabotaging his own successes (career, relationship, you name it) is pretty well earned. This foray into television seems like a bit of a high-wire act for Marc, who has the unenviable task of ensuring his neuroses are acute enough to be a viable source of good comedy, while making sure they’re in-check enough to not completely ruin his TV show/life.

Thank god for friends.

As IFC’s latest trailer demonstrates, Maron has managed to enlist the help of just about every comedian, well, ever, for his new show. Splitsider counts “Illeana Douglas, Judd Hirsch, Sally Kellerman, Anthony Jeselnik, Andy Kindler, Dave Foley, Denis Leary, Danny Trejo, Jeff Garlin, Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Ken Jeong, Adam Scott” and “dozens more” (I think I caught a quick glimpse of Gina Gershon in there? Also, was that a Breaking Bad joke?) An impressive list, albeit one that may not be a huge surprise to fans of Marc’s acclaimed WTF podcast, which has quickly established the Maron garage as a must-stop destination for countless comics, actors, and persons-of-note.

So, will the show be any good? Who knows. I hope so. I think so.

Maron premiers on IFC on May 3rd at 10/9C

What do you think?

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