The SNL Israel Sketch You Didn’t See

It’s been a long time since Saturday Night Live resembled anything remotely creative. The last few years in particular have been spent wandering in the Family Guy-esque wilderness of “all punchlines, no jokes”.  This past week’s episode was no exception, with host and musical guest Justin Bieber adding nothing to a series of sketches seemingly written as a game of chicken with viewers, daring them to fall asleep before the show ends.

Thankfully, Gothamist’s weekly recap uncovered this dress rehearsal-only sketch lampooning the stampede to establish Israel-loving bona fides during the Chuck Hagel confirmation hearings. It’s not exactly groundbreaking territory, and after a few minutes you’ll understand why the sketch was cut from broadcast (despite having sharpened the long knives, the sketch just isn’t that funny).

Still, it’s nice to see SNL still has a fang or two left in its otherwise gummy mouth.

[via Gothamist]

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