The Jon Stewart/Donald Trump Feud: Taiwanese Animated Edition

There’s nothing as entertaining as watching Donald Trump implode under the weight of his own dick-headedness. And, there are few people these days capable of taking the hot air out of a bloviating gasbag quite as well as the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. Put the two on a collision course with one another, and you’re in for a treat. And, boy what a treat it was when Stewart ribbed Trump last week, claiming the failed casino mogul/reality TV star/politician human being was actually born “Fuckface von Clownstick”.



Trump, who suffers from a medical condition knows as “unable to keep his stupid mouth shut”, was not amused. So, he did what he does best, and went on a twitter rant against Stewart, calling out the comic’s (admittedly Jewier) birth name of Liebowitz. Stewart, as it happens, hasn’t used his father’s surname in years – in part because he hasn’t spoken with his dad at all, for presumably just as long. Not as if that any of that matters to Trump, who is instead pretty sure Stewart is simply not Jewish enough.

Screenshot_5_6_13_9_35_AMAs if the above exchange isn’t entertaining enough, the great Stewart/Trump “FuckFace Von Clownstick throw down of 2013” has been immortalized in the only medium that matters these days: Taiwanese CGI animation

In spite of the animator’s assessment that their money’s “not on the Jewish kid” we would still love to watch an actual fight between Stewart and Trump – if only to see The Donald wear a pair of boxing shorts embroidered with “FuckFace von Clownstick”.

What do you think?

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