Glenn Beck Made A Michael Bloomberg Nazi Joke At The NRA Convention, Because Of Course He Did

Media personality Glenn Beck isn’t exactly known for his mastery of subtly and nuance. So, it’s not surprising that Beck’s penchant for the dramatic was on full display this past weekend at the annual National Rifle Convention in Houston. While speaking in front of a large – and presumably armed – crowd, the contentious radio and television host began taking pot-shots at the NRA’s new favorite whipping boy, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has vowed to use his personal fortune to counter-balance the NRA’s lobbying efforts. Suffice it to say, Beck (and his audience) are not huge fans. And how does the always-tasteful Beck express his displeasure with the Jewish mayor of the most Jewish city in America?

By comparing him to a Nazi, of course (around the 1:00 mark):

That’s comedy, I guess?


What do you think?

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  1. Wes

    Actually this is a rip off of Russian propaganda. Sorry but many people used to salute in this manner, including the USA before some research. He is depicted as stalin, who was also a bad dude, but this is not Hitler. Either way bloomberg sucks.

  2. Karl

    Actually type in “Lenin saluting” and you’ll see the actual photograph it is based off of. Notice the “V” in his hand and the cut of his jacket when compared to the Beck/Bloomberg piece.


    But that is truly an inconvenient truth so let’s stick with the Nazi bit…


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