The Hitler “Downfall” Videos Will Never, Ever End

Though a couple of the these parody videos have been funny (The Conan O’Brien one, Hitler gets Banned from World of Warcraft), the joke’s been dead for a good long while now. Knock-offs litter every corner of YouTube. It even went meta over a year ago (Hitler makes a YouTube video). But things sank to a new low this week withTalkswindon Sunday Satire. In this video, posted by Geoff Reid of the website and online forum, the character of Hitler is actually speaking as a real guy: Council leader Rod Bluh. The punchline is that Bluh is Jewish. He even lost family in the Holocaust. Reid’s pissed about some deals Bluh made for a wi-fi project, but, damn, this is a little low. Why is it again that people think the British are so classy and reserved?

What do you think?

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Steven enjoys alliteration and quirky line drawings. His turn-offs include broken links, enriched uranium and Holocaust denial.

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  1. Geoff Reid

    I doubt you’ll have the guts to publish this, but what the heck, eh?, I’ll screenshot it anyway…

    There is nothing classy about a leader of an elected council secretly arranging a $650,000 loan to his best friend and making sure 57 other elected councillors can’t interfere with the ‘deal’. Incidentally, the ‘deal’ hasn’t worked out, (no surprise there) and it looks like the money has all been spent. No surpise there either.

    I didn’t know Bluh’s Father was Jewish before I published the film, (mother isn’t apparently), but I would have published it anyway. The film has always been about his political behaviour not whether he’s Jewish or not.

    Being Jewish is not a mitigating defence for an elected council leader to act like a dictator, bend the rules and give tax payers money to his friends.



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