A Supercut About Nothing

I know, I know, I’ve been on a bit of a Seinfeld kick of late. I’m not sure why. Maybe, subconsciously, I’m tuned into the fact that, as a society, we’ve collectively reached a natural saturation point for Seinfeldian nostalgia (For better and for much much worse).

Whatever the reason, there’s something particularly, unnervingly hypnotic about this LJ Frezza‘s Seinfeld supercut, appropriately titled “Nothing.” It’s six minutes of shots in which nothing happens: No people, no action, nothing. Just Jerry’s New York emptied out, where the only sounds are those familiar bass notes, bouncing through a barren wasteland.

 Screw you, Vanilla Skythis is existential New York nothingness at its finest.

[h/t Jon]

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