Seth Rogen And Sarah Silverman’s New Comedy Short Is Hilarious, Gross, And Hilariously Gross

When you call your short film “Cops Cum Dicks And Flying” you’ve either got a solid grip on what type of comedy you’re trying to make, or you’ve just had a small stroke. Fortunately, this is an example of the former; The first of Sarah Silverman’s new “Rubberhead” series of comedy shorts. In it, Seth Rogen joins the one-time Heeb covergirl (doing her best Serpico impression) in what starts as a send-up of 80’s cop thrillers, and ends as a…well, it’s hard to explain. Parks & Rec‘s Harris Wittels is in there, as well as a dog, and another dog and, suffice it to say, the title is not in any way misleading.

Cops Cum Dicks And Flying is somewhat NSFW (unless you work in the coolest office ever), but is also well worth the awkward looks from your prudish coworkers. Enjoy!

 [via Death+Taxes]

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