Oh Good, Another Right Wing Israeli Settler Miley Cyrus Cover: “Gaza Wrecking Ball”

From the moment I saw Occupation-warbler Orit Arfa’s cringe-worthy Miley Cyrus cover, the pro-settler “anthem” Jews Can’t Stop, I had the sinking feeling that that this wasn’t the last we’d see of Ms. Arfa. Now, just over a month after that stink bomb wafted across our collective nostrils, Arfa is back with – surprise surprise – another Miley cover: Gaza Wrecking Ball (Get it? Like the Miley song, only with “Gaza.” Genius).

While I wish I could say this one had the same “You’ve got to be kidding me with this shit?” punch as her first video, Arfa’s latest is still plenty – though not unexpectedly – awful, both in the obviousness with which you could see the whole damn thing coming, and in its execution, which is something, er… special:

She gyrates with a sledgehammer, she swings around on the titular “ball” in her underpants, she’s never quite on-key when she hits that all-important chorus. And the lyrics, oh god, the lyrics. Ostensibly a song about the 2005 evacuation of Israeli settlers in Gaza, Arfa sings:

They came in with a wrecking ball
Tore down our homes and all we loved
All we wanted was to live our lives
All they ever did was hate us
Yeah, they, hate us

Wait, who hates you? The Palestinians who moved in to abandoned settlements after the evacuation? The Israelis who did the evacuating? Anyone who sat through this entire song?

Incidentally, the real Miley Cyrus is set to play Israel this coming June. Forget the threat of terrorism or BDS – here’s hoping this doesn’t scare her off.

What do you think?

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