North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Loves Giving People “Mein Kampf”

Let’s say you’re the young, relatively-untested, absolute totalitarian ruler of North Korea. And, bear with us for a second, Let’s also say you’ve got a bunch of older, more seasoned deputies, generals, and advisors, all of whom look to you –  their fearless leader! – as the shining beacon of hope and guidance, because, hey, your daddy said so. How do you show your appreciation for all their years of hard work and service to the North Korean Communist cause?

How about giving them copies of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”?

As reported by the Washington Post, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un handed out copies of Hitler’s autobiography to his top advisors as part of his birthday celebration, this past January:

The famous Nazi autobiography was reportedly distributed as what’s called a “hundred-copy book,” which refers to Pyongyang’s practice of circulating an extremely limited number of copies among top officials, though most books are forbidden in North Korea. Gifts marking the leader’s birthday are typically imbued with special political significance.

The book was apparently not distributed to endorse Nazism so much as to draw attention to Germany’s economic and military reconstruction after World War One. A North Korean who works on behalf of the country in China told New Focus that Kim gave a speech endorsing Germany’s inter-war revival and encouraging officials to read “Mein Kampf.”

Whew! Because nothing says “totally non-Nazi economic revival” quite like Hitler’s jail-time screed against the international Jew. We feel better already.


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  1. mikael arrownov

    Well, it seems you can add Koreans to the list of people waking up to the truth of global Jewry. Does the fact that you can’t use the fictitious holocaust to get away with murder anymore bother you? It seems it does. People more and more are coming to accept the factual truth of Hitler’s claims: Europe, and now North America, is firmly in the hands of Jews. What are your thoughts (outside of destroying the White race) on such global events?

  2. Mikael Arrownov

    You are welcome. Seriously. I love the article on Rick. It was good to hear from him after so many years. It’s too bad Hollywood is a sewer these days. We could use his comedic genius now more than ever. That comes from a guy that owns a “Ludicrous Speed” Tshit. You should pick one up on Zazzle. I get props for it everywhere I go. Anyway, about my comment…A dismissal of a serious claim: intended to convey the idea that the comment is absurd, ludicrous, fictitious, grounded in paranoia and an irrational thought/ ill-believed conspiracy theory. Ultimately, the goal of such a remark is to relegate my comment to a status of stupidity or to negate it completely. Nice try but Jungian psychological warfare doesn’t work on this Goy. I still await an answer and I thank you for not being a coward by deleting my commenting like many other true Marxist’s subverting the 1’st Amendment have done. I support a man and cause who’s beliefs and positions are no different than any Jew in Israel. Check it out: Jared Taylor at I am sure your friends within the Federal Governments intelligence branches have long ago informed you about him. Only difference between him and I and the Jews are that we don’t want to build a billion dollar wall that rivals the Great Wall to keep other races out like the one in the illegal state of Israel. With supplies provided by Arab oiligarchs controlled by AIPAC. We brought down the wall in Germany only to send Israel billions to build another one. Don’t take it personal guy, I don’t dislike Jews nearly as much as I do White Christians.


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