New Video My Favorite Religion by Sir Ari Gold (Featuring His Butt)

Remember when you were learning your Torah portion with your Bar Mitzvah teacher, and he said, “If you get nervous at the bimah, just imagine all the congregants naked?”  Well, that’s exactly the basis for a new video by Sir Ari Gold entitled My Favorite Religion off his new album Between the Spirit & Flesh.  Flesh indeed.

In this video, we learn that Ari Gold is so religious (and ambidextrous) that he wears tefillin on both arms and is usually naked while praying to The Fabulous One. With imagery of old synagogues and Lower East Side tenements, Ari’s new video details a spirital inner struggle between traditional Jewish ritual and some kind of hyper-sexualized Judaism. Throughout the video, Ari finds opportunities to bare his ass to the world and “strip away” his religious identity. Ari gets a tramp stamp, borrows some Elton John headwear, meets a sexy priest, removes said priest’s collar and winds up in The Ramble of Central Park. It’s rare we see Jewish ass on YouTube, and with a hottie like Ari Gold sporting tefillin and a talis in various shirtless, ass-showing poses, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Props to the phys ed department of Ari’s alma mater Ramaz for shaping Ari’s, um, future.

What do you think?

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Jayson Littman

Jayson Littman is the founder of He’bro. He’bro produces and promotes events for secular and cultural gay Jews in New York City. For more information, please go to or contact Jayson at Jayson @ myhebro [dot] com. Follow him @jaysonlittman

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  1. flyp

    Nice! The song is good too. ;D

    But lose the autotune. You don’t need it.



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