Does This New Cult Present The Greatest Threat To Modern Judaism?


Once again we find ourselves at that most important of Jewish occasions – the start of baseball season. But, amidst all the good natured cheer and frivolity surrounding the annual rite of spring that is our national past time comes an insidious threat to modern Jewish life in this country as we know it.

Forget “Yeshua,” and Jackie Mason lawsuits, it’s time to start worrying about Jews For Jeter: a cult whose nefarious tactics include subversive rituals, kidnapping, and brainwashing. Truly their evil knows no bounds.

Take a look:

Presumably the national network of Hillels, local Jewish federations, and ADL-regional offices have already begun drawing up plans for a multi-million dollar initiative to fight this menace to modern Jewry…before it’s too late!

What do you think?

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