Naked Larry David and Horse-Faced Women: Wednesday’s Links

Curb Your Enthusiasm goes Gotham. Producers say they’re filming the last season in NYC. Hopefully L.D. won’t get all Carrie Bradshaw and whore his way through midtown. (NY Magazine)

Keeping with the SATC theme, SJP was named the least attractive of the four person cast. In related news, a Google search of the actress brings up “looks like a horse” with the first hit. (In Case You Didn’t Know)

Space Nazis? An upcoming sci-fi film features Nazi plotters on the moon. Meanwhile, Space Jews (Joozians) prep for immediate escape. (Vice)

Elvis Costello has canceled his Israel tour dates, citing Israeli military excesses and Palestinian rebel atrocities. Peace talks are expected soon, as no Israeli or Palestinian can survive without seeing “Veronica” performed live.  (Palestine Note)

Orthodox Christians describe Iceland’s volcanic ash as “God’s wrath.” The rest of the world, however, clings to that boring geology science stuff. (Interfax)

Elena Kagan claims she’s “not gay, just lonely.” Maureen Dowd suggests J-Date — there’s got to be a nice, limp-wristed Jewish boy on there who’s looking for a lavender marriage to satisfy his mother. (New York Times)

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