Missed Bibi’s Speech? Who Cares! Watch This Amazing Remix, Instead.

If you haven’t heard, King Bibi of the Jews spoke before a (mostly, sorta full) joint session of congress yesterday, in order to warn our gullible sucker of a nation against using measured, rational diplomacy to solve international disputes. His was a speech full of references to twitter, google, and Game Of Thrones. While it was incredibly awkward and boring to start with (*slooowly reaches for a glass of water*), I’m told (I’d dozed off by this point) he ended on a strong note. Perhaps he was emboldened by speech attendee Miriam Adelson’s having had the chutzpah to drop her purse (one some report is worth about as much as a small car) onto the head of Nebraska Rep. Brad Ashford, whom Miriam’s ultra-billionaire husband Sheldon spent $35K trying (unsuccessfully) to unseat in the last election? Who knows.

Either way, if you absolutely must watch Bibi’s speech, you can do so here, but I’d recommend watching this amazing auto-tuned remix by Israeli artist Noy Alooshe, instead. It’s shorter, for one. Less embarrassing, too. And, perhaps most importantly, you can dance to it.

[thanks Martin!]

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