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Remember JDate?

Of course you do. The dating monolith has been the only game in town for years, chugging away with their middling message of finding a nice jewish boy/girl to meet, take home to mother, cook chicken soup with, marry, pop out kids, and goodnight nurse. Hell, we’ve been bitching about them for years. Making matters worse is that, as lame as it is, JDate is still the king of the (admittedly weak-ass) Jewish dating mountain.

Well, it looks like someone may be (possibly) doing something to end JDate’s tyrannical hegemony.

Elissa Shevinsky

Elissa Shevinsky

Meet JSpot, who believe that “you sexy Jooz deserve a dating site that reflects who you are.” Can’t argue with that. According to site creator Elissa Shevinsky, JSpot was created with women of New York in mind – women who “deserve something better.” Jspot will feature sexual orientation slider  (because everyone knows sexuality is fluid) – a first for Jewish dating sites. They also offer the option to filter prospective mates by everything from lifetime compatibility to extremely-casual sex availability. Shevinsky sums things up nicely: “No more douche-bags.”  Sounds… surprisingly promising (Well, except for douche-bags. Sorry guys).

That said, really guys? JSpot? Not exactly carving out uncharted territory with the name there, are you? Besides, I thought the j-spot was a myth? (No? Hrm. Moving on…)

Here, take a look –

The brains behind JSpot are in the midst of an initial fundraising push to get their JDate-killer up and off the ground. Given that they’re promising to be free to use, and as ad-free as possible, we can’t help but wonder if they shouldn’t take a look at their business model again, but hey – we appreciate the sentiment.

So go ahead, check out their crowd-funded Jewcer campaign. They may be a long-shot, and their campaign only has a few days left, but so far it’s the best candidate we’ve seen to take down the JDate-Goliath yet.

What do you think?

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  1. judy

    It’s interesting that there is no information on the homepage or anywhere else about the site unless you give them access to your facebook. Who gives access to your facebook without knowing anything about a company? Good luck with that.


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