Best/Worst JDate Ad Ever

Yes, this is a real JDate ad.

JDate Ad

I think what’s implied here is, “Ladies, quit trying to meet nerds at school and branch out to the wonderful world of the Internet.” However, I’m reading it more like, “Hey schlubby mutants, wish you could meet a nice girl with a shmata in her hair while fulfilling your schoolgirl-themed porny dreams? Come on in!”

Oh the matches you’ll make.

(via BuzzFeed and copyranter.)

What do you think?

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Jonathan Poritsky

Jonathan Poritsky lives in Austin and misses a good bagel. You can read more of his work at the candler blog.

6 Responses

  1. LMF

    Her face says “no way”, but it looks like they’re already color coordinated.

  2. julie

    They probably don’t think he looks like a schlep; just an average Jew dude. Poor jew gals.

  3. Matyahu

    Words cannot describe how awesome this ad is lol.I can’t think which its better his expression or hers

  4. Irwin Wikler

    Her face may say “no way”, but in six months she (and her mother) will be registered at Tiffany’s. And of course neither of them think the other looks like a schlep. They go to Queens College. They blend. And one year after the wedding and she’s stopped breast feeding and has realized she’ll never get her girlish figure back and he starts losing his hair, smoking cigars and hostings poker nights oin Thursdays with his Hebrew School buddies in his new home in Alpine, NJ, his father will retire to Boca Raton and put him in charge of the family business. Then, after she has her second child(by C-Section) and her first liposuction, she will finally understand that,in the long run,”Life Is Good” and that this is why God has commanded us to go to movies and eat Chinese food.


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