Links for Wearing Tefillin in Front of Victoria’s Secret

Photo courtesy of Failed Messiah

Photo courtesy of Failed Messiah

When You Have To Put On Tefillin And Pray In Public, Do It In Front Of An Iconic Lingerie Store (Failed Messiah)

Breast Cancer Survivors Find the Michelangelo of Nipple Tattoos (Vice)

New Israeli Wonder Woman Gal Gadot talks casting and cup-size (JPOST)

David Edelstein’s Worst Movies of 2013 (Vulture)

Who’s your abba? (Porn4Jews)

Brooklyn’s Bizarre Biblical Animal Museum Is Closing (Gothamist)

Call girl tell-all: Eliot Spitzer liked to choke me, was into ‘struggle’ (NY Post)


Anti-Israel group slams bill that would strip state aid from colleges tied to them (NY Daily News)

Push to recruit Arab Christians into Israeli army (Philly)

Israeli deputy minister: ‘Even gay Jews have a higher soul than gentiles’ (+972)

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