Links For The History Of Manischewitz

cherrywineThe History Of Manischewitz, or Where Did That Sweet Grape Wine Come From? (VinePair)

Comic David Brenner Dies – “He’s Now Making The Devil Laugh” (Hollywood411)

Kevin Bacon Explains The 80’s (Youtube)

The Official White House hamantashen Recipe (

SXSW ’14 Pays Raucous Tribute To Lou Reed (Fuse)

International President Of Aish Ha’Torah Caught In Illegal Scam Exploiting Elderly Patients (Failed Messiah)

Introducing the 2014 GOOD 100 (GOOD)

Red White And Blue Sleaze: Al Goldstein’s Infamous “Midnight Blue” Cable Access Show (Dangerous Minds)

Man Unwittingly Rents Out Apartment On AirBnB For “XXX Freak Fest” (Gawker)

Sad Young People Lament The Plight Of Living On The Upper East Side (Gothamist)

Don’t Believe Everything You Read On Online – Seinfeld‘s Wayne Knight Is Alive And Well (Twitter)

Stop Pretending You Enjoy Bad Sex (io9)

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