Links for Advice From Barbara Streisand

tumblr_inline_mjltfqkgUE1qz4rgpAdvice From… Barbara Streisand (Culture Whore)

What’s Jewish and Has Rubbery Purplish-Red Leaves? (Forward)

Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter on 5 Classic Lucille Bluth GIFs (Vulture)

How the editor of Playgirl lost her sex drive, and how she got it back (Kveller)

The Hebrew Hammer: How an Orthodox Jew Is Scamming the Pants Off NYC’s Women (NY Observer)

One runner dead, 30 hospitalized after Tel Aviv half-marathon (NBC)

Israel’s Next Front: Syria (Tablet)

I wish I could be a regular tourist, Barack Obama tells Israel ahead of his Middle East trip (Daily Mail)

I’m a Mother, Not a Baby Machine (The Sisterhood)

Meritocracy: Almost as Wrong as Larry Summers (TAC)

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