Links For Summer Kamp With The KKK

Screenshot_3_8_13_9_41_AMGo To Summer Kamp With The KKK (Slate)

Check Out The Blue-Ray Trailer For Schindler’s List’s 20th Anniversary Release (Cinema Blend)

Of All The Dishonest (The Beacon)

The 16 Most Annoying Things About Keeping Kosher (Buzzfeed)

Megan Leaves Westboro and Kevin Smith Pronounces My Name Almost Correctly (Jewlicious)

Pamela Geller: CPAC Is “Enforcing The Shariah” (Salon)

Leviticus, The Video Game (Tablet)

Colombia College And Second City Team Up To Offer A Comedy Degree (SplitSider)

James Deen Enlists Tea Party In Fight Against Mandated Condoms (Death and Taxes)

Little Lebowski Is The Coolest, Cutest Kid On The Internet (Hypervocal)


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