From Synagogue to Strip Club – How Drake Spent $50K


Rick Ross may have celebrated his Black Bar Mitzvah, but it takes a nice Jewish rapper from Canada to set the bar for partying. As reported by TMZ, Drake – whose Bar Mitzvah-themed HYFR video was filmed at a Florida synagogue – visited a North Carolina strip club this past week, cash in hand (actually, in a cardboard box), ready to party.

How much cash? Oh, fifty thousand dollars…in singles.

A few thoughts:

  • Can’t he do better than a cardboard box? Once you’ve committed to blowing tens of thousands of dollars on tucheses and nenes, why not shell out another thirteen grand for this luxury leather briefcase? Be a fucking mentsch fer chrissakes.
  • As a holdover from Judaism’s agrarian roots, during the winter months observant Jews pray for rain. In this case, does making it rain to the tune of fifty thousand dollars count?
  • In our parent’s generation, you went to a strip club and stuffed a woman’s g-strings with Israel Bonds. If your lap dance was particularly tushy-tastic, you planted a stripper pole outside of Jerusalem in your dancer’s honor.
  • After this, can we put to rest once and for all the stereotype that Jews are cheap?

Here’s the (SFW) photo proof of Drake’s big night out:

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