Links for More Arrested Development Episodes

ArrestedDevelopmentIt Looks Like We’re Getting Even More Episodes of Arrested Development (Jezebel)

Such a Nice Jewish Boy (Uni Watch)

Abrahamic Rockers (The New Yorker</em>)

Satmar sect’s sick revenge as pervert’s posse bullies family of teen sex-abuse victim (NY Daily News)

“Latkes & Blunts” and Other Hanukkah Songs We Wish Existed (Paper Magazine)

Mandy Patinkin is REALLY Excited About the Birth of This Stranger’s Son (Hyper Vocal)

Heeb’s publisher explains potkes on Beast TV (The Daily Beast)

Video: Actor Sean Penn And Imprisoned Haredi Businessman Jacob Ostreicher In Bolivia (Failed Messiah)

It Happened to Me (XO Jane)

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