Links for Asians Sleeping in the Library

A handsome Jew dedicates a blog to Asians sleeping in the library. (asians sleeping in the library)

A rabbi’s blessing to find a husband. (Modern Love, NY Times)

Motorola leaves Tel Aviv. (Globes)

The iPad comes to Israel. (JTA)

Juden of the world. (Lewis Jaffee)

Why did YU’s president Richard Joel’s salary go up? (Ben Atlas)

“There is a conspiracy to enslave Greece and Christian Orthodoxy.” (NY Times)

Study claims 1 million more Jews in U.S. than previously thought. (Forward)

Free Hugs = Free Bedbugs. “Opening yourself up to casual contact with park vagrants, such as friendly arm around the shoulder, group hugs and especially intimate touching is the leading culprit in the advancement of this infestation.” (Amazing Strangers)

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