Links For The Deep, Ugly World Of Anti-Semitic YouTube

The_Daily_Dot_-_Inside_the_deep__ugly_world_of_anti-Semitic_YouTube-2Inside the deep, ugly world of anti-Semitic YouTube (The Daily Dot)

First Dance (Unpious)

I Accidentally Went to Corey Feldman’s Orgy (Defamer)

Amanda Rosenberg, Google CEO Sergey Brin’s girlfriend, is no ordinary Silicon Valley nerd. She dubs herself a ‘Chew’ and went to a posh British boarding school with Kate Middleton. (Forward)

Her First Fan (Jewrotica)

Iceland Beauty (Tel Avivian)

His Name Was Hitler, He Was a Showgirl: Barry Manilow’s New Musical (Tablet)

Machine Gun Kelly Is The Highest And Most Entertaining Man Alive Today [Video] An Intimate Conversation With The Fat Jew (The Crosby Press)

Rachel Bloom: Top 5 Songs That Aren’t on the Radio (But Totally Should Be) (Top 5)

Harvey Levin isn’t thrilled with ‘Ray Donovan’ character based on him (NY Post)

Haredim, Non-Jews And Human Life (Failed Messiah)

Poverty strains cognitive abilities, opening door for bad decision-making, new study finds (The Washington Post)

[image via The Daily Dot]

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