Links For Dating Someone With A Nazi Fetish

romantic-nazis-fassbender-and-kruger_jpeg__1600×1067_“Anyway, I dated, briefly, a man who had a thing for Nazis” [Green Mountains Review]

Dario Argento’s The Sandman Starring Iggy Pop [IndieGoGo]

Meet The Yiddish-Speaking Grandmothers Who Retired As Amsterdam Prostitutes [Forward]

The Unfantasized Life: An Interview With Tim And Eric [GOOD]

‘Bob’s Boners’: The (Inevitable?) ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Porn Parody [Dangerous Minds]

New Revelations About The Beastie Boys From An Unauthorized Biography [Paper]

‘Archer’ Drops ISIS [The Daily Beast]

Fracking Chemicals, Brought To You By Susan G. Komen [Mother Jones]

Report: Hitler Was A Crystal Meth Addict [Failed Messiah]


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