Link Round up: Freaky Friday Edition

Hezbollah is running “amusement park” in Lebanon complete with rocket launchers and anti-Israeli guerrilla fighters. Because Disneyland just wasn’t anti-Semitic enough. (JIDF)

Since god clearly prefers your corpse decompose with both kidneys and sick people suffer, New York’s Orthodox Jews are opposing new legislation that promotes organ donation. (Brooklyn Eagle)

A gay Israeli father of surrogate twins born in India has finally been granted re-entry to Israel after “proving” he isn’t a pedophile. He successfully walked past a playground and skimmed an entire copy of Teen Beat without becoming aroused. (Queerty)

Newt Gingrich finally apologizes for Obama/Hitler comparisons, remains politically irrelevant. (Think Progress)

Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex-husband, is heading back to the only audience that’ll have him: white bikers. James to appear on the cover of Easyriders magazine. (TMZ)

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