Link Round Up

Guac N’ Mole (Nachos NY)

Dickhead With A Clicker (The Daily What)

Jas’ Of Base (YouTube)

No Mo’ Coke Fo’ Rebbe…Or Whores (Luke Ford)

A Conversion Deferred (FailedMessiah)

…’Till The Fat Lady Sings (Flavorwire)

Gaddafi Urges The Tall & Leggy To Convert To Islam (Agent Bedhead)

Slaughterhouse Chai (Forward)

Semite Charmed Kind O’ Life (Tablet)

Top 10 Dysfunctional Family Memoirs (Huffington Post)

Herschel Walker’s Niche For Knockouts (CagePotato)

"Doctor, Is There A Wussy In My Womb?" (Asylum)

INVENTorn A New Asshole (Cracked)

Tart Vader. Chew-bacca. Wookie Cookies. Flan Solo… (Continues Until Trigger Is Pulled) (ScreenJunkies)

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