Kosher/Treyf: A Graphical Guide

Kosher/Treyf 1

Harrison Freeman has graciously opted to help us help you. Here we have a chart parsing out just some of the things in this world that are kosher and treyf. The work, I think, speaks for itself.

What do you think?

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5 Responses

  1. DAP

    not sure why Natalie Portman is fluent in Hebrew and Treyf….
    And Bibi??
    I think this was more grasping at straws than Chanukah Song’s Halfsies

  2. jerry

    Fran is treyf? Bibi is treyf? Don’t think that BDSM is kosher. This would’ve have funny if it was consistant. Go figure.

  3. jewdar

    Portman broke the hearts of a countless Yeshiva bochrim when she announced she was marrying a French goy…errr, I mean “guy,” while the same week, Mila Kunis broke up with Macauley Culkin (one door, closes, another opens).

    I’d say that there’s nothing prohibited about BDSM between a married couple, and is considerably more kosher than adultery, which leads us to Bibi (and let’s not even get started on the politics)

    But Fran Drescher? Nothing but love for her.


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