Kosher Pork(ing)

There are people who like bacon, people who really like bacon, and people who like bacon so much they wish they could have sex with it. Until now bacon-fetishests fell neatly in the first two categories, but thanks to one enterprising company, boning bacon is no longer a theoretical. It is, in fact, a reality. The future is now.


As reported this afternoon, “Bacon Condoms” are here, thanks to creators J&D Foods. Boasting the “well, of course they did” tagline: Make Your Meat Look Like Meat, the bacondoms are apparently just pork-patterns printed on high quality latex rubbers. And, in case that’s not bacon-y enough for you, each condom is also greased up with “baconlube” which is a thing that exists, evidently.

Our friends at Hypervocal already have an impressive list of bacon condom puns up on their site, so I won’t even attempt to catch up (although, feel free to post your own in their comments). But, what Hypervocal neglected to mention is that the bulk of J&D’s bacon-themed offerings are 100% certified kosher. Seriously.


So there you have it, folks. Those of you who keep kosher, here’s your chance to do all sorts of unspeakable bacon-y things without any guilt. And, everyone else? Keep on porking.

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    […] Condoms, a box of Baconlube-lubricated prophylactics said to “make your meat, look like meat.” Heeb notes that the condoms are 100% certified kosher. With April Fool’s Day around the corner, I […]


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