Irrefutable Fact: Jews Contribute To Anti-Semitism

Last week there was much ado about remarks by the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, who stated the very obvious fact that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict inflames Muslim hatred of Jewish people.

Conservative headlines screamed that “Obama’s ambassador” was “blaming the victim.” In the World Jewish Daily, Gerald Burstyn wrote that Gutman’s remarks were “Yet another chapter in the long and disgraceful history of blaming the Jews for antisemitism.”

Watch the following video. Afterwards, try saying with a straight face that Jewish people do not directly contribute to anti-Semitism. Because there is no way that, after watching this, you don’t want to punch “Jew-Z” – and any other Jew even marginally involved in this video’s production – in the fucking face.

What do you think?

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Daniel Sieradski

Daniel Sieradski is a writer, web designer, new media producer and Heeb's resident Digital Strategist. He is also the founder of Occupy Judaism,, Jew It Yourself, and a billion-and-one other digital age Jewish ventures. He has been called "a major figure of the Jewish Internet world" by the Forward, which counted him among the 2010 Forward 50, and a "professional thorn in the side of the American Jewish establishment" by Haaretz.

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  1. Tamar

    As a Jew, I am truly embarrassed by the insensitive, tactless, ignorant idiots who participated in this video. They should all be ashamed of themselves for all of the racist undertones found. This crap this gives Jews a bad name. They need to learn to find some wit, if they want to be funny, cause this shit is disgusting.

  2. Ron

    Seriously??? This coming from a magazine called “Heeb”??!!!! For a publication that describes itself as “…a take-no-prisoners zine for the plugged-in and preached-out,” you sure are doing a lot of preaching here, in your “awesome” review that actually consists of three whole sentences. Experience has shown me that the ones who are so quick to condemn, and to throw out the racist and anti-semitic accusations are the ones who harbor such feelings themselves.

  3. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    “Experience has shown me”

    Weasel words.

    “For a publication that describes itself as ‘…a take-no-prisoners zine for the plugged-in and preached-out,’ you sure are doing a lot of preaching here”

    We’re ironic like that.

    “Experience has shown me that the ones who are so quick to condemn, and to throw out the racist and anti-semitic accusations are the ones who harbor such feelings themselves.”

    I’m with you on that one, brother. That’s why the ADL has to be shut down. Takes one to know one.

  4. vincent Singleton

    As long as people continue to have an “Us vs them” mentality prejudice and discrimination will exist. When a member of our group is an ass we can say he dosen’t repersent us; but when its some one from an outside group their bad behavior is the rule.

  5. G-Money

    RT Blackface…if you had actually listened and watched the video for what it was for, I believe “Mr. Blackface” was no more than a representation of a “Golem. which has been a character in all the Jew-Z videos and seems to have been a lo-budget way to create such a character. Clearly it would have been a rather arbitrary placement of a man in Blackface otherwise. Considering there are several African-Americans in the vid and other ethnicities seemingly having quite a good time, it would also seem odd to call-out the so-called racial and anti-semitic overtones. Might I suggest a viewing of the South Park “Wheel of Fortune” episode to help keep your rush-to-judgement emotions in check. Enjoy!

  6. David D Stanton

    This is not racism at all, this is people saying enough is enough, everyone get along and be happy. Yeah we all got things about our selves and our “races” that stick out, but we are all one race. Human.

  7. raphael a

    Is someone who writes sentences like “explores themes of post-normative Jewish cultural expression” hatin’ on someone whose humor falls flat with bad puns and rhymes?
    Irony lives.

  8. Jessie

    What a boring piece! Racist? of course NOT. Untalented? definitely. Let’s have a little Klezmer music to clear the air.
    Happy Hanukah

  9. Valerie

    Relax everyone.. Enjoy this creative, well thought out, funny music video and search elsewhere for ACTUAL anti-semetism. Shalom!

  10. Roger

    The last time I checked, “Heeb” was a derogatory word for Jews. It looks like you’re a part of the problem as well.

  11. Deb

    Yes its an Irrefutable Fact: That Jews Contribute To Anti-Semitism. Jews like you who defend and side with anti Semites. You will not here the same proportion of Muslims blaming themselves for anti Islamic sentiment as there are Jews who write, speak and protest for what are in effect anti Semitic values. When people who hate us hear Jewish people speaking out against members of our own tribe they feel emboldened. I don’t want to change your opinion, I just want you to take a moment and think about what Im saying. Maybe next time you want to write something that may in site hate in our enemies you will think about the potential ripple effect it may have on people other than Jews who can harm us (in the western world) and that includes you.

  12. Edie Kantrowitz

    This video is pathetic, and yes, it does make Jews look bad. Because there is still much anti-Semitism, Jews do not have the luxury in this world of making fools of themselves. And yes, that fact makes me angry.

  13. Tamar Ben-Moshe

    Really disappointed in those who can’t see beyond the “humor” and how how making fun of religions or races, especially in the subtleties, can have a negative affec in the long run. Even those who are not Jewish and approved of this “innocent” video doesn’t make it ok. They too fall short of understanding the implications of ignorance. It is my hope that people appreciate humor in wit and cleverness–not cheap, mindless stereotypical crap.

  14. Daniel

    I have to laugh at someone whos writes for a magazine that featured Roseanne with a Hitler mustache placing people shaped cookies into an oven taking offense at the Jew-Z video. Get some perspective. The video did not do anything for me, but to say that it contributes to anti-semtitism is idiotic. Your intolerance is telling.

  15. The Rat

    I read the article. Afterwards, couldn’t say with a straight face that Heeb does not directly contribute to self hatred. Because there is no way that, after watching this, I didn’t want to punch Daniel Sieradski – and any other Jew even marginally involved in this article’s production – in the fucking face.

  16. hi

    Daniel Sieradski is one of these far-left “progressive” douchebags who constantly criticizes Israel, then accuses other Jewish people of causing anti-semitism

  17. Robert J. Avrech

    Such concern from a hipster mob who with studied, post-modern irony—i.e., sublimated Jew-hatred—call themselves “Heeb.”

    Kids, this might be the height of intellectual collapse.

  18. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    Robert Avrech, this isn’t one of your W. Bush fundraisers where the first person to call the other a “liberal” or a “self-hating Jew” wins the policy debate.

  19. David Schwartz

    I’ve met terrible Jews, terrible Catholics, terrible Hindus, terrtible Blacks, terrible Israelis etc. Enlightened people should be able to attribute this behavior to indiviuals, not groups.


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