Heeb Welcomes Oy Babe! to the Internetz

It’s a good thing that Matt Holt of San Francisco an “anonymous gentile with a thing for Jewish chicks” created Tumblr blog Oy Babe! — Jewish Girls in Porn. Our previous obsession, NudeJewishChicks.com, was honestly getting a little tired. But like any amateur analyst of smut, I’m curious how my fellow perverts verify the kosher certification of their bodacious babes.

“For most of the bigger name porn stars, I cross referenced their bios on the Internet to confirm their ethnicity,” Holt said. “For the amateur girls, I usually pick them from sites where it’s clear they’re Jewish. For other, I just have a hunch. It’s nothing too scientific.”

If the title alone didn’t tell you it’s NSFW, let me suggest you carry your laptop to the office bathroom before checking out Oy Babe! And for fully certified chosen chicks, make sure to check out Heeb‘s latest Gratuitous Jewess.

What do you think?

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Jewface Killah lives in East Village and gives HJs to randoms on CraigsList to pay for his Russian bathhouse membership.

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  1. Jordan

    My Co-worker says you and I would be friends IRL, Jewface Killah.


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