Hear Paul Giamatti Whine About his Character in Sideways

Here’s the deal: Paul Giamatti is in New York doing the press tour for his upcoming film, Barney’s Version.

At the Barney’s junket, someone queried which of the actor’s roles was most difficult to perform. After contemplating, and mumbling that they’ve all been hard, he offers up Miles, the alcoholic nudnik from Sideways, as his toughest role. The table is surprised, they share, because the role seems the most like him in real life. He didn’t like that response. Give a listen.

Also, that mellifluous British voice you hear at the end is Giamatti’s co-star, Rosamund Pike.


What do you think?

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  1. Jeff Newelt

    ??? actually seems like Giamatti does the opposite of losing it. He’s just slightly irked (not like he hasn’t heard that 1000X) hamming it up, emphatically making the point that he thought Miles was a shmendrick. His voice is actually pretty tightly controlled and more fake fun agitated. what it seems like to me at least

  2. Paul Nicholasi

    I get that you want people to read and repost the story, but trying to make the guy come off like he’s having a Gibson rampage is pretty insulting. The laughable part of this is you actually posted the audio interview, proving he does quite the opposite. Pretty lame on your part.


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