Gangnam Gaza Style

The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip is complicated, and fraught with moral, political, and emotional dilemmas on both sides of the boarder. Among the items that have, at one point or another, been banned from entry into Gaza: Fishing rods, Lightbulbs, and Lentil Beans. But, at no time has Israel explicitly blocked  K-Pop sensation Psy, and his uber-infectious global hit, Gangnam Style. If they had, we would never have this.

The point of the video seems to be protesting the conditions of the blockade (no fuel, no soccer fields) and some of it gets a little confusing (I’m not quite sure how an ATM can be “Busty” – Busy? Dusty?) but the overall product is actually fairly entertaining.

More than I can say for some other Gangnam style parodies.

What do you think?

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