Links Round Up: The Weasel Is Back

Pauly Shore’s mockumentary, Adoption, is out on DVD. (Popeater)

Icelandic officials exhume the corpse of Bobby Fischer to learn if he fathered a love child. (TheDailyWhat)

Elton John plays a concert in Tel Aviv and calls out the pussy musicians who have canceled their shows. (Breitbart)

Is anyone else weirded out that a Utah murderer was executed by firing squad? And that their Attorney General tweeted about it? (New York)

Despite environmentalists creaming their pants at the thought of a steamy Laurie David-Al Gore affair, David continues to deny rumors. (E!)

New York Mayor Bloomberg gets crotchety and denies Jay Z permit to perform atop New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater. (New York Post)

A former Spanish Prime Minister creates a “Friends for Israel” initiative. His next project? A battle with a windmill. (Haaretz)

What do you think?

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