The Death Of The “Marvelous Mage Of Manhattan TV” [Weekly Linkage]

4637358527_06025e3012_thumbThe Marvelous Mage Of Manhattan TV – Joe Franklin R.I.P. [Dangerous Minds]

Rating The Authenticity Of New York City’s Remaining Delicatessens [Daily News]

Animated “GIF-Iti” Is A Whole New Way To Look At Street Art [GOOD]

Artist Paints Portrait Of Mark Zuckerberg With His Own Poop [D+T]

A Toddler’s View Of New York City [NY Times]

Meet NYC’s Most Desperate Single Man [NY Post]

Drake’s Dad Is Starting To Make Music [PAPER]

Sheldon Silver’s Fall Signals End Of A (Jewish) Era In New York Politics [Forward]

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