Das Dreamboats

Last summer, Heeb brought you the first-ever Jewish Swimsuit Calendar. It was so hot that Sports Illustrated tapped half our models for their own swimsuit issue. Despite the success, we were also troubled by complaints that, by using only female models, we were neglecting the carnal needs of half our readership. In this issue, we are proud to right this inequity with a sampling of some of Germany’s finest beefcakes—stripped of their lederhosen—for your lusty eyes. So go ahead, run a hot bath, finger through our spread of these resplendent Aryan gods and indulge your fantasies of these studly Krauts fulfilling all the filthy desires that your neurotic boyfriend wouldn’t dream of undertaking without a gallon of Purell.


Purchase a copy of The Germany Issue and let all Seven Dreamboats keep you in the summer mood around all year long.

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  1. FoxMe

    This just seems … unfair. The Heebs get models, the Sheebs get these frightful goys … (stands on mountaintop, shakes fist at sky).


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