Crooks and Schnooks

Rabbi Israel Eichler, a Hasidic member of Israel’s Knesset, says Reform Jews are “anti-Semites” who are “worse than our enemies.” (Ynet)

Baby dies from a haredi penis-sucking circumcision ritual city once tried to ban. (NY Daily News)

D.A. to investigate penis-sucking circumcision death. (The Jewish Week)

Baby’s parents stonewall police, refuse to cooperate with the investigation into their son’s penis-sucking circumcision death. (NY Daily News)

Haredi honcho says don’t ban penis-sucking ritual.  (NY Times)

Tell-all memoir’s murder story untrue. (The Jewish Week)

Sex trafficker gets 8-year sentence, despite wearing yarmulke to court. (NY Daily News)

Author’s memoir appears to be based on lies. (NY Daily News, The Jewish Week, Failed Messiah 1, 2)

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  1. Yuli Kornblum

    From what I see hear the Haredi are completely hallucinated in their teaching or approach to life. After the WWII and the Shoah which destroyed their communities they have transferred their communities almost without a change to Israel where they are a big problem or to the USA, and some other places. Some of their explanations to the Shoah are really unbelievable not to say something that requires psychiatric help for most people and they continue in their life and ridiculous habit as nothing has happened that requires re-examination of their culture. What can be done with this is not clear but it weakens the Jewish ability to survive.


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