19 · The Wasted Issue

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Actress Melissa Leo

Between the red hair and heartbreaking stare, you know you've seen Melissa Leo before, but you're not quite sure where. Mabe her performance in 21 Grams? (Called "as good as it gets" by Manohla Dargis.) Was tha...
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_Music: I-LXXXIV_

This winter, Pressed Wafer Press will publish the second, long-awaited prose collection by poet-delinquent August Kleinzhaler, a selection of music reviews written for the San Diego Reader. Known for maligning ...
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Colby Bird

Colby Bird's photographs and sculptures (featuring crack pipes, airplane alcohol bottles, and cocaine-smooth surfaces) lay bare a fascination with drug overindulgence and a kind of middleclass ostentation that ...
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Waste Management

Newspaper and cardboard can be recycled, but toilet paper cannot. In an average lifetime, a single human being will flush 4,249 rolls of paper down the toilet—and that doesn't take into account the four layers ...

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