Brooklyn Showdown: Hasid vs. Biker

Dogs and cats, jocks and nerds, Jedi and Sith –  the world is full of natural enemies. But, of all the opposing forces in the universe, perhaps none have a more acrimonious relationship than the Brooklyn bike rider, and the Hasidic van driver. In the video below, posted by our friends at Failed Messiah, a bicyclist is dramatically cut off by an Orthodox minivan driver, who proceeds to box the cyclist in, berate him, and finally calls the Shomrim, the Orthodox religious police, on him.

As Failed Messiah points out: “This is what happens when NYPD’s chief Ray Kelly and the Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes allow Satmar and other haredim to run wild

[via Failed Messiah]

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  1. Lena

    Doesn’t look to me like the driver “boxed in” the cyclist. Looks like the driver was driving on the road, and the cyclist was trying to create a bike lane where there is none. He then struck the car, and freaked out when he was confronted by the man whose car he hit.

    Must Heeb, by default, always side with Hipsters over Jewfaces?

  2. Steve

    That Hasidic guy has serious issues. When I drive through that neighborhood in my car I deal with same type of stupidity.

  3. NYPDJew

    Being a retired Jewish Police Officer you cyclist should be filing a complaint with the local stationhouse against the Hasidic driver. The driver is a schmuck who thought he can intimmidate the cyclist with his car, then intentional block his path can call the other morons over to help. Hasids need to create their own private Island and let them feed off themselves. PLease don’t put all Jews in the same category as the Hasids, they are unwanted in NY just like they are unwanted in Israel, especially the Satmars

  4. Lena

    I somehow missed the dreaded “tap,” at the beginning, and thought there was a real collision that the biker was trying not to take responsibility for. I was wrong, and I apologize to the biker and the rest of you commenters.

  5. Mike Shapiro

    A bicycle is a vehicle and has the same exact rights as any other vehicle. These scumbags (who belong to a cult and are not Jewish) are either so ignorant of the law that they don’t know which way is up, or (more likely) think that they are simply above the law.

    My vote would be, since they seem to prefer the customs of 17th century Poland, to send them back to Belarus. There is much virgin land that they could turn back into Anatefka.

  6. Bicycle Bill

    Mike Shapiro is 100% correct.  The hasidim is just another arschloch motorist who thinks that the right to the road is based on gross vehicle weight.  The cyclist was in the right and Mr. Bigmouth was wrong, and should he decide to press this in any sort of court the video is going to go a long way to making him eat his words.

  7. Bicycle Dave

    the hasidim reminded me of white racist bigots, just trade the black hats for white hoods and you have the same mindset. You’re not moving boy. As a jew, I am ashamed.

  8. Alex

    Lena said:

    “and the cyclist was trying to create a bike lane where there is none”

    The law is that if there is no bike lane, and often even if there is, bikes are allowed full use of car lanes. It’s just that cars aren’t allowed to travel in (or park in, or otherwise obstruct) the bike lanes.

    So legally speaking, the idea of “creating a bike lane where there is none” is meaningless.

    Some folks think that “the problem” is that there are too many bikes. I would counter that if there is a problem, it’s that there are too many cars, and that people use them for trips that really don’t require bringing 4000 pounds of steel along for the ride…

  9. howie

    We can only admire and applaud this cyclist; a bit timid, but he’s just starting out.
    I encourage him to expand his bike advocacy campaign to other neighborhoods; start challenging Rasta double-parkers along Flatbush Ave? Use his traffic calming technique on speeders in East New York? Those lane changing Dominican livery cabs in Washington Heights, every Bronx driver and pedestrian would welcome reinforcement training in bicyclist rights; take them to school!

  10. psr2001

    These cultists are just masquerading as pious people — that van driver should have been arrested. Pathologically following all the “rules” without feeling anything in your heart results in arrogant idiocy like this. As a Jew I’m ashamed of these jerks. They are a big part of the reason people hate Jews.

  11. david torres

    i would have went to jail caused i would have broken all of the side windows of the minivan and then i would do my best to poke the guys eyes out fo 1 cutting me of not 1 but 3 times and then being stupid and holding me against my will,,,it dont matter if your a jew or not one day you will cut off the wrong person and find yourself in deep shit,,, BIKES have the full right to the road as cars do

  12. Dave

    Also a jew and also apalled at the behavior of these pathetic individuals. I’ve gotten into confrontations with Hayseed’s before and some are normal and some are whacked out fucks that I’ve had to manhandle.

    Glad that guy came to help and glad it worked out the way it did.

  13. ABM

    (via Reddit…)
    Hopefully nobody who is not already an anti-Semite thinks these d-nozzle extremists represent all Jews. They do tend to give grumpy atheists like me yet another bad mark against religious people in general, which is still wrong, because look at all the nice people here saying how out of line they were.

    Also, glad nobody’s ever tried to terrorize me while I was riding. I feel pretty vulnerable out there among the cars, but by and large, drivers are just trying to get from A to B like I am. Share the road and keep your eyes open <3

  14. Lauren

    This is very disturbing behavior by a man who is supposed to represent “saintliness”. This wasn’t even human behavior. Cyclist have the same privileges and obligations as automobiles. I am glad to see a good samaritan got out to help this cyclist. It appears to me the Hasidic community has obtained a little too much power. The only other thing that I would have like to have seen, would have been the Hasidic man be arrested for that behavior. It seems to me they feel like they run the town and need to have their as*es knocked down a notch.

  15. JaneDoe

    O.K. So there were no bike lane but please, he was doing a bike ride, he wasn’t racing as far we can see on the video. That precint even with a civil complaint. It would be lost, there are no arrests or reprimand of anything. The hookers run wild under the overpasses, and H get their bj and R bbi also. An arrest last year by a rookie, and both were brought in . The R bbi was released and hooker prosecuted. Was told not to ever approach a vehicle with a H in the car to keep on walking. Since then he has transferred out of there, even sanitation transfer out of there immediately the garbage is thrown from the windows, they do not proper put the pails to the curb at least, you must get from their side of the homes, I can go on and I lived in the area for 30 years they should be moved to the moon. and start their own country ON THE MOON


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