The 9 Best Reactions To Conservative Pundit William Kristol Joining Twitter

Those of us who spend the majority of our days online were caught off guard this afternoon when, without warning or fanfare, an account attributed to conservative analyst and commentator William Kristol suddenly appeared on Twitter.

Kicking off his foray into 140-character sound bytes, Kristol, the notoriously wrong founder and editor of the neoconservative The Weekly Standard, Iraq war-cheerleader, Sarah Palin-booster, and board member for the “Emergency Committee For Israel” (in their perpetual state of emergency, I guess?) tweeted the curiously-spelled following:

Yes, Bill. “At long last.” We’ve all been waiting with baited breath.

Here, then, are just a few of the reactions – ranging from hilarious to vitriolic to hilariously vitriolic – to William Kristol’s presence on twitter:   

Welcome to twitter, Bill. Have fun! 

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