_Heeb_ Proves Yet Again Jews Not Smart

Heeb came up just a wee bit short in a media trivia night earlier this week. The event was round two of a series of nerdy sporting contests sponsored by Saucony Originals.

The stakes were high, with Team Heeb coming in as reigning champions after prevailing in ping pong last week. Your ragtag band of Davids were tied for first after the second round. But as the evening wore on, Sony BMG ended up prevailing. Other teams included FADER, Thrillist, and "Team Save Your Face" from L’Oreal, which showed up sadly without product.

Things that Heeb seemed to know about: Sex, Lies and Videotape, Thurgood Marshall and talking its way into that Purim party afterwards.

Big thanks to Saucony for buying the drinks, which we took copious advantage of, though perhaps not as much as this guy, trivia host Dick Swizzle.

What do you think?

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  1. HeyItsPants

    Dude, the last round was a very BMG-friendly “music”. We, the Thrillist dudebros, totally woulda pwned everyone if the last trivia topic was “Slightly Misogynistic Daily Men’s E-Newsletters”. Pwned.


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