8-Bit Hannah Arendt And The Pixelated Banality Of Evil

The gaming geniuses over at 8-Bit Philosophy like to take big complicated ideas, and bust them down into the sort of small, reasonably-sized morsels that even the most Nintendo-fried brain can comprehend. For their latest episode, 8BP sets its sights on journalist and philosopher Hannah Arendt, whose visit to Jerusalem to cover the trial of Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann resulted in her now-famous treatise on “the banality of evil.”  And while Arendt’s book can, at times, be a tough read in terms of both difficult subject matter, and dense prose, her basic philosophic principal is actually fairly simple to understand – especially when it’s explained with the help of Mario, Mega Man, and Link.

Take a look:

Do you recognize all the games they used here? Post ’em in the comments!

[via Nerdcore]

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