The 11th Plague – Spending Passover With Sen. Ted Cruz


I know, I know, Hanukkah just ended, and it’s not even new years. So why am I bringing up Passover a full three months early? Maybe it has something to do with the news that you (yes, you!) could be spending your holiday of unleavened bread with none other than Tea Party golden-boy/crazy person, Senator Ted Cruz.

Reports Politico:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a likely Republican presidential candidate and a vocal pro-Israel hawk, is being advertised as a featured attraction at a string of ritzy resort vacation getaways catering to religious Jews.

Cruz, along with several rabbis, is listed as a speaker at four different vacation spots, including Aspen, over Passover

While there’s some disagreement over the number of appearances to which the Senator is committed (his advisors claim he’s only speaking at one spot, not four) a solicitation for the fancy-schmancy kosher vacay provided to Politico puts Cruz on a speakers list touting “some of the greatest rabbis and scholars of our time…

Cruz’s hawkish conservatism when it comes to Israel has made him a favorite amongst the AIPAC crowd. Given speculation regarding his political aspirations, it’s not hard to imagine Senator Cruz’s seder sit-down will likely include a healthy dose of “shoot first, and shoot anyone asking questions, later” Middle East foreign policy, as he looks to shore up Jewish support and donations for a possible White House run in 2016.

On the domestic front, though, the Senator from Texas has gone on the record as an advocate of tripling border security, building a wall along parts of the US/Mexico border, and is against any and all pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S.

Passover, for what its worth, commemorates the divine liberation of an immigrant people after a xenophobic leader denied them their basic human rights as residents of his country.

What do you think?

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  1. augustever

    They are not even runner-ups, individually or collectively compared to Ted Crazy and his rants. Whew!


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