You’re Invited to Contribute to Heeb

What You Need to Know: Heeb wants you.

What You Should Know: We have no funding. We don’t want your $36 donation. We don’t want your money period. What we need is your involvement.

The Deets: We need your art, your skill, and your passion for The Project and for The Voice that is Heeb. Specifically, we need writers, bloggers, graphic artists, comics, videographers, photographers, event curators, and techies.

You will not get paid. You will not start high-ranking. You will not fix the world, at least, not with us.

You will be part of something real and dynamic and curious, with plenty of questions, but none of the canned answers.

You will be challenged by others, artistically and personally, to make something great, or at least funny.

If you want to join us, now’s a good time. Stop by on Sunday at our open editorial meeting at 3pm sharp.

What do you think?

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David Kelsey

David was consistently listed as one of the top 100* J-bloggers of 2007. He tweets @thekvetcher. *This claim has not yet been verified.

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