‘You Can Touch My Boobies’

If you are a Jewish boy you have gone to Hebrew school. And therefore, if you are a Jewish boy you have fallen asleep in Hebrew school. It’s inevitable. The readings, the prayers, the guttural noises. How could you not sleep? Comedian Rachel Bloom explores the wonderful dreams of one young Jewish boy. Have I had this same dream? Yes, minus the boob car. My brain wasn’t creative enough for that. Will I now only dream of this video? Probably. Should you watch this right now? Yes.

What do you think?

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Danny Jolles

Danny Jolles is an actor and comedian living in NYC. His sketch group Chess Club Comedy has been featured on Collegehumor, Funny or Die and Tosh.0. You can find out more about Danny at www.dannyjolles.com

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  1. Clark

    I may not be a Jew & I may not be that pervy, but I’m pretty close.


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