With the Help of Alcohol and an Israeli Girlfriend, Ryan Britt Takes on Heeb Storytelling

Heeb Storytelling makes its 2010 debut at Galapagos Art Space on February 16 with some very funny performers, including writer Ryan Britt. From his personal essays on Nerve.com, we know Britt wouldn’t have a problem talking about his penis, but can he bring it when it comes to telling a seven-minute Jewish story in front of a crowd? Hell yeah! According to Britt, with the help of alcohol and his Israeli girlfriend’s tendency to play the harmonica whenever he talks about Star Trek for more than six minutes, he’ll have no issue telling the Heeb audience all about pubic hair in under seven minutes.

Since being Jewish can be downright strange, we are offering one lucky audience member the chance to join Ryan Britt and the rest of the line up to share their personal Jewish tale at Heeb Storytelling on February 16. Click for more details.

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